As a 'qualified person' with a graduate degree in education, I offer evaluation services to homeschooling families as required by Colorado State Law.  I specialize in conducting a CM-style evaluation using narration as the primary tool.  The process of the evaluation begins with a family consultation where I begin to familiarize myself with the student as a person and learner.  After the consultation, the family gathers materials that support the student's previous school work to be available at the time of evaluation.  A time and place is then scheduled for the actual evaluation.  I am available to meet at the home of the student or best place as determined by the family and myself.  Following the evaluation, I will compose a detailed progress report to be sent to the family as well as a letter summarizing the progress of the student to be sent to the organization with whom the student is registered as a homeschool student.  It is the responsibility of the family to send this letter to the organization.  For an additional fee,  I am available for a conference to discuss the progress of the student.  The cost for the evaluation service is $75 for the first student and $50 for each additional student.  Email to schedule your evaluation today!


"Jennifer being so experienced and steeped in the Charlotte Mason philosophy of education for so many years, upon meeting my children for the first time for their assessment was able to put them both at ease and simply have them tell all about the various subjects that had been covered in an entire year.  She is at her core a peaceful beautiful person who is respectful and encouraging to students which helps them thrive.  It was as if my children could sense Jennifer’s eager expectation of their doing well along with her accommodating their style of learning along with using variety in assessment that to them it was such an enjoyable day spent together my children asked if they could do it again!  An unexpected benefit from the assessment with Jennifer was that it was a big boost in confidence for each of my children! They came away from this experience enjoying telling all they knew which helped them realize how much they had learned.  It helped me too to know they are indeed learning and growing! The detailed feedback and her helpful tips were a valuable tool as an educator and parent." - Kelly
“It was fun!” - Jack, age 12
“I wasn’t anxious because she just said, 'Just tell me about this or narrate that.'  It was easy.”